HealthSmart understands employers today are considering a range of strategies to deal with medical cost inflation, including consolidating plan options along with additional cost-sharing measures. To enable employers to make such decisions they need good, solid claims data. Employers want detailed claims data more than once a year and they want the data to be in a meaningful format that allows them to make well-informed claims management decisions.

ReportSource is an electronic benefits data collection tool that provides a productive way for human resources team members to access claims and eligibility information. With ReportSource HR has the ability to configure personalized reports as well as use numerous standard reports. Features include:

  • 23 Standard Reports. Our monthly reporting package offers more than 23 standard reports.
  • Unlimited Customized Reports. The customized reporting feature provides virtually unlimited reporting capabilities from our data warehouse to create reports that meet client-specific needs.
  • Easy of Use. Users can select various pull down menus and "drag and drop" data to create and edit reports easily. You can save reports for future use and eliminate the need to recreate them.
  • Create Reports for Distribution. Create presentation-style reports using flexible design features.
  • Export Information. Export data from standard or customized reports to many spreadsheet and/or database applications.

Plan-in-review is a comprehensive annual analysis focused on identifying trends prevalent in the client's plan. The results of the analysis provide a foundation on which to compare the current plan against benchmark/normative data in order for the client and their consultant to evaluate the performance of the benefit plan and to assist in making informed decisions about potential changes.