The INSIGHT Edge Advantage

  • Maximum cost savings of a budgeted self-funded plan
  • Very competitive with existing fully-insured options
  • Simplified plan designs deliver ultimate savings
  • Fully-integrated managed solution controls costs and improves members’ health
  • Competitive total cost, combined with the peace of mind obtained from a known budgeted amount

INSIGHT Edge Reinsurance Risk Solution

  • This aggregate-only product is driven by an innovative stop loss product provided by an A- rated carrier (A.M. Best)
  • Caps risk based on expected claims factors and fixed cost
  • Maximum cost is much lower than traditional specific and aggregate products and favorably resembles a fully insured program
  • No lasers will be placed as a condition of renewal
  • Carrier will automatically and immediately fund any claims above the monthly premium equivalents
  • Cash back feature should the actual claims come in lower than the attachment point at year-end

Integrated Health Plan

INSIGHT Edge is a fully-integrated healthcare solution and includes several of our wholly-owned products and services bundled together for ultimate employer savings:

  • Benefit and Claims Administration

    Comprehensive healthcare plan administration

  • HealthSmart Accel PPO Network

    Strategic and unique partnerships with market leading regional providers

  • Care Management and Wellness Programs

    Aggressive care management through predictive modeling, case management, disease management and wellness initiatives

  • Pharmacy Benefit Management

    Reducing pharmacy expenses through transparency and focus on generic utilization

  • Risk Management Services

    Innovative aggregate-only stop loss product provided by an A- rated carrier with a cash back feature should claims come in lower than the attachment point at year end

Requesting an INSIGHT Edge Quote

Information Required
  • Company name & location
  • Effective date
  • Industry description or SIC code
  • Census data including: date of birth/age, gender, zip code, coverage tier
  • Current & renewal schedule(s) of fully-insured benefits & rates
  • Requested brokerage compensation
  • Available experience data
  • Any known large claimants or ongoing/ serious health conditions
Undewriting Guidelines
  • Minimum: 25 Covered Employees
  • Maximum: 200 Covered Employees
  • Group must currently be fully-insured
  • Quotes can be locked in up to 30 days before the effective date with completed disclosure
  • Preferred contract basis with INSIGHT Edge terminal liability option
  • First year: 12/12 contract
  • Renewals: 24/12 contract
  • Minimum of 50 enrolled employees to offer dual-option plans; smaller groups must elect a single plan
  • Triple-option plans are not permr>
Requesting Quote

To request a Healthcare Plan Proposal, please contact our VP of Sales Support:

  • Duane Beckner
  • VP of Sales Support
  • 222 W Las Colinas Blvd Suite 500N
  • Irving TX 75039
  • (t) 214.574.1130
  • (f) 214.8