All Patients have the right to:

  • Informed consent in treatment decisions, timely access to specialty care, and confidentiality protections.
  • Concise and easily understood information about their coverage.
  • Know how coverage payment decisions are made and how they can be fairly and openly appealed.
  • Complete and easily understood information about the costs of their coverage and care.
  • A reasonable choice of providers and useful information about provider options.
  • Know what provider incentives or restrictions might influence practice patterns.
  • Expect care based on medical necessity and appropriateness.
  • Expect courteous care from providers at all times.
  • Refuse medical treatment or care.

All Patients, to the extent capable, have the responsibility to:

  • Pursue healthy lifestyles.
  • Become knowledgeable about their health plans.
  • Actively participate in decisions about their health care.
  • Cooperate fully on mutually accepted courses of treatment.

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