Network Integration

During the last several years, HealthSmart has grown through many acquisitions, some of which included preferred provider networks. Each network operated independently, and the effort and expense of maintaining these independent systems, processes and personnel kept us from offering our customers a consolidated network offering as well as the best price possible for our services.

Last year, HealthSmart embarked on an enterprise-wide initiative to integrate our provider network data and multiple repricing systems into a single state-of-the-art platform. The goal is to integrate our primary networks offered throughout the country, and merge these under HealthSmart Preferred Care, a preferred provider organization formed by HealthSmart nearly two decades ago.

With the system conversion and network integration, HealthSmart is utilizing a single state-of-the-art PPO management system, reconfiguring our infrastructure and cross-training our support teams, all in an effort to offer a stronger, more efficient, more responsive network product at the best price possible to our customers. HealthSmart is very excited about the full implementation of this system and the high-level of service this and many other network initiatives will bring to our providers and clients.