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HealthSmart: Providing Comprehensive and Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare expenditures are rising. Obesity, smoking and stress are the leading drivers of these costs. As of 2012, healthcare expenditures comprised more than 17% of the gross domestic product, undermining our ability to be competitive as a nation and as business owners.

HealthSmart’s integrated approach makes a positive impact on your bottom line by supporting and empowering members to attain optimal health. We work closely with our clients and business partners to achieve better treatment outcomes at the lowest possible cost. Our URAC-accredited care management portfolio serves the entire member population: healthy individuals who need to stay that way, those at risk who need to improve their health, and those who need assistance managing chronic conditions. Our innovative strategies bring balance back to healthcare plans.

Our highly rated stop-loss partners help manage risk and reduce your financial exposure. HealthSmart’s network solutions can save plan dollars—and data analysis from care management will allow you to identify risks, measure results and plan for the future.

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