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HealthSmart Benefit Solutions has over 40 years of experience in claims management with clients from coast-to-coast. We understand that one of the reasons employers self-fund their healthcare program is the ability to design a program that meets their individual needs. HealthSmart is committed to providing each client with responsive, cost-effective services aimed at achieving their healthcare objectives. Using the latest technology, complimented with an array of healthcare management services, enhances our ability to effectively control healthcare costs and assist clients in maintaining their unique healthcare goals.

There are specific attributes you need from a benefits partner. You need a company with proven strength to perform over the long-term. You need a company with the ability to offer the latest innovations and advancements in the industry, along with the knowledge and resources to effectively manage healthcare dollars. And, just as importantly, you need the reliability of professional support staff. You get it all, and more, with HealthSmart.

Our many other healthcare holdings are all part of a company-wide effort to change the face of healthcare — improve health and reduce costs — by developing the latest technology, utilizing a dedicated and creative team of professionals and offering a fully-integrated inventory of wholly-owned products and services. We offer what no one else can: a vast array of healthcare solutions with the flexibility to custom fit our services to the needs of any organization and find the healthcare solution for you that is smarter than any other.