HealthSmart provides clients with one of the most interactive personal wellness experiences available on the Internet. Our goal is to deliver health and wellness information in a format that is accurate, meaningful and easy to use. After members take the online Wellness Assessments, they receive a detailed report that includes personal risk factors and information on the steps to take on the path to better health.

Risk factors are behaviors or conditions that increase your chances for developing health problems. Some risk factors can’t be changed. These include your age, gender, and family health history. This Wellness Assessment focuses on risk factors that you can change. These include lifestyle choices such as exercising, making healthy food choices, and not smoking. They also include medical indicators affected by lifestyle such as blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol levels. The risk factors listed below affect the chances of developing several serious health conditions.

After taking the personalized Wellness Assessment, each member receives detailed Assessment results:

  • Overall Results
  • Wellness Score
  • Wellness Priorities
  • Detailed Risk Factors
  • Clinical Measurements
  • Health History
  • Disease Risk
  • Behavioral Details

Each member also receives detailed results about the member's behavior that might need attention. The assessment looks at these behavioral areas:

  • Alcohol Use
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Safety
  • Fatigue
  • Stress Management
  • Tobacco Use
  • Weight Management