Liability Programs

An essential activity of every company is effectively managing liability claims. Loss prevention and aggressive claims management will save money and ensure a safe environment. Engineers, doctors, attorneys and any other experts who might be needed to assist in the proper handling of your claims can assist our liability teams' seasoned claim specialists.

Increasing claims severity and litigation underscores the need to innovate and we have responded to that need with expert adjusters and state-of-the-art-technology. We also carefully analyze all of the information being gathered at the time of a loss to make certain that data is submitted accurately, on time and in compliance with all government mandates.

Starting with the initial contact, our adjusters focus on thorough investigation and evaluation of each claim and accurate assessment of liability. We evaluate each claim for possible fraud, and for subrogation opportunities. With our adjusters’ extensive experience, clients have the benefit of experienced judgement about when and whether it is more advantageous to settle, mediate or litigate claims, and when investing in an expert(s) or investigation will ultimately result in lower payments.

Our adjusters are skilled negotiators who actively and aggressively work to resolve claims quickly and to avoid litigation. On claims where litigation is the appropriate choice—or cannot be avoided—we will work in collaboration with counsel, but the adjuster remains in control of the claim and litigation. This helps to avoid unnecessary steps and costs, ensuring that we continue to push to resolve the claims prior to a trial.

Our liability program provides:
  • Experienced licensed adjusters
  • Consultative support through strategic analysis of losses, prevention suggestions, and presentation to executives and board members or analysis of findings
  • Expert analysis, effective programs, and optimal results
  • Focus on client specific needs, customization, and results
  • Reporting and claim reviews tailored to each client to identify trends and pursue positive resolution or problems