Short & Long Term Disability

Every claim that we review has its own set of unique facts and circumstances and merit thorough investigation and objective evaluation. Each claimant deserves a timely determination of benefits and respectful treatment during the entire claim episode. Our highly skilled adjusters take the time necessary to ensure that each claim is accurately and efficiently adjudicated.

We have been handling non-occupational and short- and long-term disability claims for over 14 years, with examiners who average over 10 years of experience. By utilizing leading edge technology and collaborating with health management experts, we achieve outstanding results for our clients. 

We understand that each employer is unique and we offer claim service teams that will adapt to your needs. Our program includes:

  • Online or telephonic claim submission
  • Outreach to both employee and physician to gather facts
  • Case management where appropriate
  • Employee referral to employer health programs
  • Return to work confirmations
  • Monthly employer reporting
  • Team approach

Let us put our resources to work for you.