Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment Insurance, like any risk program, needs to be managed effectively. Workforce levels continue to fluctuate across the country, and for employers, this problem is compounded by the associated costs. 

For over 70 years, HealthSmart Casualty Claims Solutions has been helping employers navigate this critical program, resulting in reduced unemployment compensation costs. Through the combination of analysis and consultation, we ensure the accuracy of the tax rates being paid and that our customers take advantage of any reductions available.

Professional Claims Administration

We focus on a winning strategy comprising accurate information and strategic advice in regards to resisting or supporting claims, ensuring timeliness of filings and auditing charge statements for accuracy. Casualty Claims Solutions assists with appeals and aids employer witnesses in understanding their roles in hearings.


Consultative Services

Our expert strategy on terminations, assistance to the employer's attorney, the development of special reports and analysis of legislative, judicial and administrative decisions help us to provide insightful recommendations to the employer

Tax Services

We review quarterly tax reports for accuracy by verifying that the proper rate is being used in the premium calculation. Our customized technology assists in determining whether there is an opportunity to reduce rates by submitting voluntary contributions, creating joint accounts or employing other strategies of cost reduction consistent with State unemployment insurance laws. When opportunities or reduced rates are identified, we'll do the paperwork to obtain the tax rate reduction.

We are the employer's resource for Unemployment Insurance solutions.