Designed with the end-user in mind, HealthSmart Information System’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Clearinghouse is leading the way in technology. Our EDI Clearinghouse is a highly scalable, configurable, and extensible system leveraging XML technologies to manage claims processing for robust partner interfaces.

The system is built upon Microsoft .NET framework and uses SQL server for its database. HealthSmart supports a portal allowing quick access to the site from any secured location. Security for the EDI system is role-based, which allows companies to establish access to the system on an individual employee basis.

HealthSmart Information Systems Partners

HealthSmart realizes the importance of Practice Office Management Information System (POMIS) vendors and the roles they play in EDI. HealthSmart has developed a special incentive program to encourage POMIS vendors to partner with HealthSmart and offer EDI services to their providers. HealthSmart Information Systems has the flexibility and EDI services your providers need. Other Partnership services include:

  • Provider referrals and leads
  • Internet and toll-free dialup access to over 850 payors nationwide
  • Marketing assistance
  • Rebates for qualified organizations

To find out how you can become a HealthSmart Information Systems Partner, contact us. We are looking forward to being your EDI solution.

HIPAA Compliant

HealthSmart offers HIPAA compliant transactions to all of our customers. For details on FREE testing of EDI formats for HIPAA compliancy, contact us.