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HealthSmart Network Solutions — which encompasses several provider networks such as HealthSmart Preferred — brings together nationwide healthcare coverage, credentialed providers, seamless administration, state-of-the-art healthcare management services, and a dedication to making a positive impact on our customers . . . for life.

Our partnerships, national presence and pursuit of excellence allow us to complement any employer, payor, or third party administrator in the areas of cost containment, provider network management, utilization review, pre-certification and other management services. HealthSmart is also able to benefit the provider with an increase in patient flow, a stable patient base and an expedited claims turnaround time.

HealthSmart has several provider health networks — some we acquired and others we built from the ground up over 15 years ago. HealthSmart's Preferred Providers are prescreened doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers or facilities that have agreed to provide their services at predetermined rates. We contract with our providers directly (over 600,000 providers spanning the United States), ensuring an efficient and personal relationship while retaining the ability to tailor our various provider network solutions to meet the needs of our customers and to control their healthcare costs.

Our dedication to quality goes further than our regional and national PPO networks. With a range of services including care management, claims administration, prescription benefit management and more, an employer can achieve incomparable savings and exceptional coordination of care.

If you are looking for a healthcare management company with a secure quality network, credentialed providers, forward thinking products and services, seamless administration and a dedication to making a positive impact on its customers; contact HealthSmart for detailed information.