For more than two decades, Emerald Health Network (EHN) has prospered as a premier Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network in the state of Ohio. One of the first PPOs formed in Ohio, EHN has served as a leading healthcare solutions company for both the employer and provider communities since 1983. In May of 2011, the Emerald Health Network (EHN) was renamed “HealthSmart Preferred Network, Inc." as a vital step in HealthSmart’s goal to fully integrate its network products and improve provider access in the Ohio market.

HealthSmart works directly with customers to provide the very best in benefit offerings aimed at controlling healthcare costs without compromising quality. Our coverage area in Ohio and its contiguous states continues to grow. HealthSmart's goal is to develop the strongest Preferred Provider Network in the Midwest.

The HealthSmart Preferred Network will assume Emerald Health Network’s role as the Plan Manager for the Accountable Health Plan of Ohio (AHPO), a robust provider network in south-central Ohio. With extensive access and competitive rates in and around the Columbus region, AHPO provides an excellent PPO option for groups with central Ohio membership.