Quoting national reports of returns on investment (ROI) for wellness initiatives is one thing, delivering ROI is another. HealthSmart distinguishes itself by providing timely and accurate data as well as financial information that will assess the value of your clinic investment. Immediate access to accurate information is of utmost importance to quality health care delivery and related health care costs. Reports are another indication of our commitment in providing quality care and service. Reports regarding your clinic and the patients using the clinic include:

  • Aggregate health risk assessment reports
  • Annual client summary reports
  • Behavior change
  • Claims trending analysis
  • CPT code claims comparison
  • Demographics
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Health outcomes
  • Lab costs comparison
  • Medical diagnosis reports
  • Monthly clinic vs health plan cost comparison
  • Participant satisfaction
  • Pharmacy cost comparison
  • Pharmacy usage reports
  • Productivity savings reports
  • Program reach and participation

Comprehensive Reporting

We provide a comprehensive monthly report describing the activity of members in the HealthSmart Primary Care Clinics program. Results can be viewed for an entire population or specific segments identified by risk, demographics, usage or other criteria identified during the planning phase.

Employee Health Reports

HealthSmart provides detailed information of the care provided in your clinic. These reports are distributed monthly and annually and will guide you to effectively respond to both your short and long-term health care needs. Annually, a health risk assessment is performed to identify individual and group health concerns. These results are used by the physician to provide immediate individual care and group education. Through early detection and intervention, we will impact your employee’s health, reduce your costs and provide an avenue into a more pro-active disease management process of care.