By implementing a HealthSmart Primary Care Clinic, you achieve considerable savings by transferring utilization to the clinic and eliminating claims in the health insurance plan. Savings will vary depending on participation and the plan design. Second year results indicate 5% reduction in total claims and 21% reduction in primary care claims. Primary care is greatly affected because the clinic services reduce the need for participants to use their health insurance for primary care. Pharmacy savings are approximately 53% due to changing behavioral patterns for our patients. We promote the use of generic medication through our customized clinic formulary which allows a full prescription for the employee, but at half the cost.

Your clinic will begin saving you money on day one. By eliminating layers of administrative costs, we can deliver more care in the clinic for less money than your health plan. With a HealthSmart Primary Care Clinic, we work to save you money in many areas including: primary care, pharmacy, workers compensation, referrals to specialists, productivity/absenteeism, labs and stop-loss.